A Year of Reading: Month Three

Month three!  (Let's ignore the fact that we're in the middle of month five, shall we?)  March was a pretty good month in the reading department, starting with After the Golden Age, a fun twist on the traditional superhero story line.  Celia is the daughter of Captain Olympus and Spark, the leaders of her city's band of supers.  Only they are ageing and she has no powers.  She is an accountant who is tired of being used as a way to get her parents' attention.  And then there's an evil villain, and distressed cops, and a dark past to overcome.  Written by a woman and featuring a strong female lead who uses her brain?  Yeah, this one was a treat.

Continuing our tour of strong female leads, I also read Insurgent, the second in the Divergent trilogy.  I figured that if I was going to see the movie I should be one book ahead of the game.  Just in case.  I actually enjoyed this one more than book one.  Maybe because we didn't have as much origin to go through and just jumped right into character development.  And I'm happy to report that I did not guess everything that happened, which always makes me like a book more.

March is also the month I discovered the Kindle First, which releases four books one month early for Kindle users for about $2 (If you have Amazon Prime you can pick one for free).  I was low on reading material so I decided to try Gilded, which evidently is the start of a series.  It was not exactly my cup of tea, but it was a fun weekend read.  And the fact that it takes place in Korea instead of in a major US city or in a post-apocalyptic future makes it a nice change of pace.  The heroine is at an international high school, and gives an interesting glimpse into a culture that she does not fully understand, pulling the reader along as she learns more.

Rounding out the month was probably my favorite book of the year -- The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line, book one of the new post-movie Veronica Mars series!  Seriously, I cannot say anything about this without spoiling the film, so let's just say I loved it.  I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!  The story is well written, the characters are still fresh, the tension is in all the right places, and the crime is full of twists and turns.  If you've seen the movie, read it.  If you haven't seen the movie, what are you waiting for?

At this rate I may have to up my goal from 25 to 50.  But, let's not get ahead of ourselves, just yet, shall we?

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