Finding Inspiration

Is there anything as lovely as sitting on a back porch on a cool spring evening, rocking and knitting the night away?  I think not.  Which is why my grandma stock is skyrocketing at the moment.  But seriously.  It is one of the best things I can imagine.  If I concentrate on my book hard enough I can almost convince myself that I am back on my parents' porch reading by starlight rather than just off a major city road.  Clearly I did not appreciate my rural childhood enough.

I've been feeling rather uninspired in my knitting lately.  Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup started a new term this month and I'm determined to have a better showing than I did last term.  That being said, I did not actually start my project until this morning, six days into the month.  I'm forgoing an OWL attempt this term in light of my spectacular failure last term and am instead looking to knock out one good yardage project a month and use Quidditch to do some charity knitting.  I kept trying to start something new and continued to fall short.  I was going to knit another Trillian -- turns out I only had that pattern in hardcopy and threw all my paper patterns away when we moved (like an idiot).  I wanted to start some socks but was too annoyed by the two I already have on the needles to start another pair.  And I still cannot find half my crafting supplies which are piled haphazardly around the corner of our bedroom.  All in all it was an icky few days.

But last night I finished my Jilted and finally found some inspiration in my surroundings to cast on another garment.

I bought this skein of Madeline Tosh Lace in the Curiosity colorway at Webs on our honeymoon.  It was already wound because I was going to knit a cardigan with it but then decided against it.  I honestly was beginning to think that I would never get around to knitting any of my honeymoon yarn.  Turns out the yarn was just waiting for the right pattern to come along.  As I sit on the porch listening to Haim, reading my book, and feeling the tension of the yarn sliding around in my yarn bowl I cannot help but look forward to sitting out here wearing my Bonny.  It should fit right in.

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