Dating Profile (5KCBWDay2)

Unfinished Sweater Seeking Knitter

Hi, I'm Rosemary.  I am a green sweater knit out of Cascade 220 and am approximately half completed.  My age?  Well, we ladies don't talk about our age, you know that.  But I promise, I look as good as I feel.  You won't even notice that I came from destashed yarn. I still need sleeves, but I promise I can make your cables pop.  And my stockinette?  Soft as a feather and flat as a board.

I'm a bohemian girl.  I like walking through fields of tall grass and ducking into local coffee bars.  Doing both of these things on a mountaintop would be ideal.  My heathered green goes well with flowing skirts, high-waisted shorts, and I love a good pair of boots.  I see myself one day on an epic road trip.  Just me, a single carpet bag, and a good book hitting the road.  Care to join me?

Turn offs include country music, the use of carpet bag fabric for anything other than carpet bags, and novelty yarn.

This post is a part of the fifth annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week hosted by Eskimimi Makes.  To see more posts from fiber lovers around the world, just Google this tag: 5KCBWDay2


  1. Yeahhh... I have a couple of those too. When I pull them out and finish them, I always love the FO so much I wonder why I didn't just finish it earlier.

  2. What's wrong with country music ? :D

  3. Ick - novelty yarn.

    And a lady never divulges her age!

  4. Poor Rosemary, I hope she sees a few more stitches soon! ; )