WIP Wednesday: In Flight

Today's WIP Wednesday (Handy link to Tami's blog) is a little different.  As I type this I'm in my office looking at my boarding passes for my flight tonight.  I'm going to Texas for a conference (my first solo trip and my first national/international conference).  Since I have still knitted nothing but the Featherweight we're going to mix it up again.  Today's WIP?  Travel.

Tonight I will be spending many hours in airports and even more hours hundreds of feet above ground crowded into airplanes.  One thing every good knitter should have when they travel is an emergency kit.  Since I'll be going through security I wanted to make sure it would have what I need without containing anything that will get me into trouble (I'm also not checking baggage, so I don't have a place to store other supplies).  It also needs to be compact enough to fit in my computer bag.

Enter this little gem.  My mom gave it to me over the summer and it makes the perfect small kit.   Inside we have buttons, thread, safety pins, stitch markers and holders, measuring tape, and earing backs (when I travel  I wear one set of small diamonds Chris gave to me, but sometimes I get fidgety and the backs fall off).  I also have a "Will Knit for Coffee" yarn dot just for fun and spice.

Oh, and a small piece of Malabrigo.  Because one should always carry buttery softness at all times.


  1. I love that you carry Malabrigo with you for emergencies! I must start doing this for those moments when only mmmmalabrigo will do!

  2. It's great to run through your fingers for those panicky stressed moments of major storms or flight attendants who demand the knitting go away no matter what the TSA says you're allowed to do.

  3. Love your travel kit!!!

    Have a fun and safe trip!

  4. Ahh I have one just like it, in the sparkle blue to boot. I love mine too!

    Happy travels!

  5. Emergency Malabrigo! Great idea. It's completely inexplicable that it isn't mandatory in every emergency kit.