Soccer Time

Time passes in weird ways.  I'm aware of how long it has been since I graduated from high school, since I finished college, and since I defended my thesis.  I am aware of how long I have knit and just how much I have progressed in the many facets of my now adult life.  But sometimes time just stands up and slaps you in the face.

On Friday my high school played in the women's soccer state championship game.  The only time any team has made it to the state championship is when my brother's cross country team competed his freshman year.  Needless to say, this is a huge deal and as an alumni who was working only a few miles away, I of course had to go.  I am, after all, a Lady Gryphon myself (just not in soccer).  So I dug out an old basketball tshirt and met up with my family at the game.

It was a most surreal experience.  I try to go to things at the high school in which my brother is involved.  When my sister was still in attendance I went to things they did together, but attending living no less than four hours away for the past six years has made it difficult to go to much.  So it had been quite some time since I had seen the students of our small school en mass.  And it was like time had suddenly jumped.  The five year old I used to babysit is now taller than me.  The sixth grader I tutored in math is now a senior and I'm pretty sure has no idea who I was.  A girl who was the youngest on our rec swim team was the star of the game.  And my own little brother was somewhere in the student section -- tall and yelling with his ever deepening voice.

We lost horrendously, but it was a great time.  I got to see my family, if only for a few hours.  And I even worked on the longest sleeve ever.

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