Geektastic Thursday: Summer TV Plans

With Memorial Day now past it is for all intents and purposes officially summer here in the US.  I went for a run last night and I found that in the past week our humidity has jumped, making breathing a whole new pressing issue for anyone doing outdoor activities.  With summer also comes the end of the regular US tv schedule.  As a kid this meant reruns of all my favorite shows where I could catch up on episodes that I had missed or rewatch ones I loved before they were gone forever (I did not buy my first box set until I was 17).  However, now we are treated to a host of bad reality television.  And while I like my Real Housewives just as much as the next grad student, it is something I try to watch on a more occasional basis rather than every day.  But with all of the knitting wedding stuff I have to do this summer, I'm going to need something to play in the background.  With that in mind, here's a small list of what I plan to watch during the tv hiatus season:

1)  Pretty Little Liars
This one is a no-brainer.  I have been anxiously awaiting the return of this addiction ever since The Great Reveal at the end of last season.  Revenge offered a welcome distraction for a while, but now I'm back with great anticipation.  I cannot wait for more Evil Mona, more Jenna-Bot, and please oh please more Toby.  I would call this my guilty pleasure, but with writing that strong, there's nothing about this show that makes me feel ashamed.

2) Being Human (UK)
I know this one has already aired and I missed it, but I'm hoping it will be up on Netflix soon.  At the time of its return I had still not reconciled myself to the end of series three that left me curled in a ball on the couch sobbing.  The last thing to make me cry that hard during a tv show was when Fred said goodbye to Wesley, and I still haven't forgiven the writers of Angel for that one.  Series 4 has Being Human return without some of the major characters.  A part of me is really concerned it will be like when Supernatural got season 6 when it was supposed to be a five season show, but the writers managed to make that whole Master storyline work, so maybe I should trust them.

3) The Killing (US)
Yes, season two is now airing/has aired, so I am now way behind.  I started season one, but soon realized that it was going to be like Damages and there was just no way that I could sit and watch the entire season with the schedule on which I was living.  I am really looking forward to finally making the time (on a day off, I'm not crazy) to sit down and watch my way through the rest of the season.  Is it going to be super morbid of me to do this while I address invitations?  Well, if it is, that's just the way I operate.

4) Big Love
Don't judge me.  I see that judging you've got going on there.  But don't.  I never had the opportunity to watch this show when it first aired, starting in 2006, but Andrea and I recently started season one and we are completely addicted.  The storyline is fascinating, the writing is compelling, and it's like one big Veronica Mars reunion.  We are only a few episodes in, but I'm really hoping there will be a reason for Mac and Beaver to interact because that'd just be so weird.  I know, strange, but you remember what he did to her at prom.

This is my list so far.  I'm sure it will change as I move through the summer and discover that I really can't stand Being Human without a certain character or that Big Love has made me desperate for a Veronica Mars rewatch.  But it is nice to come into the summer with a plan for nights when there really is absolutely nothing on tv to tide me over until the return of Once Upon a Time and the premier of Arrow.  And before you ask, no I'm not watching True Blood.  I read the books and they were so much better.

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  1. We also watch all our favorites during the summer! I haven't watched some of the ones on your list, but we definitely have our favorites. One of them is Psych - we rent the seasons from our library and watch them with our two oldest kids - it is so much fun!!

    Good luck on your wedding knitting and preparations. This is such an exciting time!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)