Madness of the Non-Spartan Variety

I missed WIP Wednesday this week (thanks work!)  and so I did not get a chance to tell you about a truly startling change of events that you may or may not have noticed -- I got bit by the sweater bug.  I know!  I've got shawls and socks on my to-do list.  But what am I fantasizing about?  Sweaters.  I blame the recent cast-off of the Lonicera.

It all started with the swatch I showed to you a few days ago.  Remember that one?  I had originally intended the yarn to be a Westport Shawl from the latest Knitscene, but when I cast on the chart was just too much for my brain.  I wanted something more stockinette, less concentrated effort.  So rather than pick up one of the projects I have on the go I started swatching and ended up with this:

I'm knitting the Kaleidoscope for the Stockinette Zombies Two Ball KAL.  Which means that I have to be done by the end of June.  No problem.  I can do this.  What could possibly derail me?

I really was going to cast on for the Holla Back Tank first, since that appeared to be the prevailing opinion, but it calls for US 5 needles, which are currently tied up in another deadline project (I know, I know. Just get me through the wedding and I'll relinquish deadline knitting forever!)  Actually, both the Holla Back and the Umbre Lovre call for US 5s, but I really wanted to knit one of them.  I usually go up a needle size in gauge, so I swatched the Umbre Lovre on a 6 and am now knitting away.

I feel guilty for having so many WIPs of the same item on the needles, but then I wonder why.  I have trouble holding still and I'm not a single-project girl when I'm reading or watching tv, so why should I single project knit?  On the other hand I am experiencing the downside to my knitting ADD because I have nothing to show for FO Friday.  However I have a lot of graduations to attend this weekend (Chris is finishing law school and my sister has her nursing school pinning ceremony), so if I only pack one project, maybe things will change?

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  1. That sweater is soooooo cool. I Love the brick like look and the colors