Glinda and Mr. Louie

There are many genuinely nice people in this world and a lot of them seem to work in customer service positions.  Today I met a lovely gentleman named Louie.  He is an older gentleman, a little shorter than I am, with an accent I could not quite place. And one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  Glinda, my car, has been making a horrendous squealing noise for some time now, so I finally took her in to get checked out.  Despite my strong bias towards small, family garages, I took her to a large auto repair center because A) it's nearby and B) it was a recommendation.

According to Mr. Louie, I was on the verge of being in a terrible accident caused by my breaks failing to do what they're supposed to do -- namely, stop the car.  After I recovered from the shock I watched him spend the next fifteen minutes trying to find me the best deal on his computer.  Then he walked me around the car to show me what was wrong and explain why it needed to be fixed.  Three hours later when he was leaving to go home to have lunch with his wife Mr Louie pulled me back out of the waiting room to apologize that he had to leave and tell me that it should only be one more hour.  He patted my cheek and reminded me that the parts came with a warranty so if I should have any trouble I should come back to see him and he'd have it straightened out right away.

Even though the bill was enough that I was left doing the math of how many months of not eating would pay it off (Kidding. Mostly), I am grateful to have met Mr. Louie.  He was very kind and even had nice things to say about my knitting.  Maybe it's because I work a lot in customer facing positions, but I always try to let people know how much I appreciate it when they go the extra mile for me.  You can tell when someone is genuinely putting their best effort into helping you, and it always makes my day brighter (the four hours dedicated knitting time didn't hurt either).

The Lonicera has finished blocking, and just needs me to weave in the ends.  But having it off the needles means I have a serious case of startitis -- I'm even swatching!

And to those concerned, I am getting compensated for my time spent knitting the Lonicera.  Though knowing my work will be on display a fiber festivals and getting to play with this yarn has made the whole process worth it.

As always, to catch up on what everyone else has been knitting now that Knitting and Crochet Blog Week is over, head over to Tami's Amis.


  1. Sorry to hear about your car, but I'm glad it was repaired.

  2. fun for me to check out new WIPS thanks for the link

  3. That's an interesting yarn you're swatching with ;-)

  4. Isn't it refreshing to meet lovely people! Your swatch looks lovely - the yarn is quite delicious.... I wonder what it will be?