FO: Purslane Beret

My sense of time has been completely warped this week. I got to enjoy one of the best perks of full time employment -- administrative holidays.  Thanks to Labor Day I got an actual three day weekend, only since I work one of the weekend manager shifts mine started on Sunday, giving me a four day week that actually started on Wednesday.  Why do you care?  Because in addition to cleaning, baking, and trying to catch up on some sleep, I finished a project!

Purslane Beret and Cowl, Knitscene Fall 2012, in Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock, Coastal

Despite my best efforts to focus my knitting time on projects I already had on the needles, I became obsessed with this hat.  The obsession began when I opened Knitscene and flipped through the photos (let's be honest, how many of us really read the magazines in order?  Yes, the articles are great, but I'm there for the pretties!).  I have a skein of Sweet Georgia that my old roommate brought back from NYC for me and I just knew this is what it had to be.  There was no way it could be anything else.  This is its destiny.

I knit the pattern to specs because Romi Hill is a genius. Well, I did until the bottom ribbing, which I did not knit to the length indicated.  I say it is because I wanted to be sure I could knit the cowl out of the same yarn (Yes, I am going to knit a cowl again), but really I grew impatient.  As soon as I cast off I plopped the whole mess (it isn't nearly as pretty unblocked) on my head and forced Chris to notice it about eight separate times.  It is my first hat of the season, which means autumn had better get here soon!

I really enjoyed knitting with the Sweet Georgia.  The color works up beautifully and the yarn has a great feel to it in the skein.  I will definitely be on the look out for more.  Maybe I'll win the lottery I never play and be able to knit the entire Romi Hill collection in this yarn.

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  1. Romi is fantastic! I'm completely addicted to her Small Shawls series. I have years one and two and just signed up for three. I can't stop. Your hat looks great!

  2. Nice beret, would like to see it worn.
    Oh, the dreams of non-playing lottery winners.

  3. That's such a pretty hat. Romi is a design genius!

  4. What a pretty beret! I can see how you couldn't ignore it. :)

  5. I really love the color of your beret! It's going to be a nice vibrant accessory for fall!

  6. Beautiful hat and gorgeous yarn. Everyone seems to be keen for autumn to arrive, bring on the woolies!