Geektastic Thursday: This Girl

I have always had a thing for bands that have a strong female frontman.  In high school I was obsessed with Superchick and The Bangles.  As I moved into my college years I discovered Garbage, Metric, and Ivy.  My running playlist is consistently dominated by The Runaways and The Donnas, and when I'm feeling down I can always count on The Veronicas to commiserate and cheer me up.

Last month a new band appeared on the scene from some very familiar faces. Husband and wife team  Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon, best known in my world for their work as script writers for Dollhouse and their work on Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, released the EP for their new project This Girl.  Fans of Dollhouse will recognize track six, "Remains", which was a featured song and music video for the show.

The sound and feel of Remains is carried throughout the EP.  While the duo employ a wide rang of tempo, the preceding five tracks feel as if they are building to the final, slower piece.  They all carry the same haunting quality with imagery of an unnamed female character who could be "Dangerous" or the girl "In Your Dreams".

This album fits perfectly into my collection of "Sometimes-Angry-Sometimes-Loud-Always-Awesome-Chick-Music".  I start almost every day with "Bombs Away" which I have decided must be the credit music if there is ever a movie made about my life.  If nothing else you should check out the free tracks on their site and then notice that you can buy the entire album for less than a dollar a song.  I for one am always happy to help support quality artists who are producing independently, rather than processed through a studio executive's idea of what I want out of my music.

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