Wishful Knitting

Thank you everyone who left such nice comments and get well wishes last week.  One week and an entire bottle of Dayquil later and I am finally feeling like myself again.  I actually thought I was better on Friday but turns out I relapsed during my yoga class on Saturday and fell out of a backbend because I started coughing so badly.  I had to leave early because funnily enough people don't particularly like being near you when there is the potential  you will take them down with you.  Thank God I take my classes at the Y.  Hopefully they will have forgotten about me by the next time.  When I left they still had the guy in jeans and sneakers to puzzle over.

One thing that became ever so apparent while I was sick was that I have a really hard time staying focused on one task when left to my own devices.  Chris went out of town for the week, so I was left alone in the apartment where it turns out I was much more interested in finding everything wrong with my current knitting and picking out brand new projects than I was in actually knitting.  The only projects that are showing any progress are the Byzantine Cowl and the back of my Holla Back Tank (which has been ripped back to the cast on now three times, so no pictures.  It is just too painful).

But if wishes were stitches I'd already have a brand new shawl.  I received my KGASS (Knit Girllls Afghan Square Swap) package in the mail last week and in it was a gorgeous skein of sock yarn.  I immediately decided that the bamboo was far too nice for the abuse of my shoes and started to look for shawl patterns.  I have a skein of Dragon Sock from one of my Dragonfly Fibers club packages that I have been saving to knit a two color shawl and I soon realized that this new skein was the answer.  So of course I then had to look at patterns that use two colors and maybe are in my queue or favorites because there are none in my library and hey should I really be knitting a new shawl when I still have one on the needles?

I did actually pull out my Citizen Shawl for a bit (remember that one?), but I just was not feeling it.  I don't know if it still harbors all of that pre-wedding stress or if it is just the reality of shattered Ravallenic expectations.  Either way I would much rather play with these two skeins.

I am thinking Dancette.  It has been in my queue since the release and is a great take on the striped shawl.  Also, I could then call it my Dancing Octopus, which would just be a blast.