FO: Socks on a Plane

I had high hopes for this post.

The pattern is Socks on a Plane, which I love and the yarn is Gnome Acres, which you all know I am addicted to.  I had planned to explain how this pattern restored my faith in the toe-up sock and how I think I figured out an aspect of my knitting I can change to help prevent the kinds of holes I have gotten lately.

Sadly I have overslept and must now dash off to work, but hey look -- more socks!

For more eloquent FOs, check out the group over at Tamis Amis!


  1. They are gorgeous! The pictures speak a thousand words you didn't have time to write. xxx

  2. They are really great. I love them a ton. They look comfy

  3. I know that feeling of dashing off to work on WIP/FO days. Great job on the socks though!