FO: Neon Neely

The knitting world has been obsessed recently with self-striping socks.  I don't know if this is any more so than usual or if I just became aware of it, but it seems to be a definite trend.  And one I completely understand.

I cannot decide if what I love so much about these socks is the pattern or the yarn.  This was knit in the one skein of Lollipop Yarn that I managed to score in an update, called Good Vibrations.  You may recognize this yarn from an earlier reincarnation as the Good Vibes socks, knit out of a very simple stockinette with an afterthought heel.  Well it seems that I am completely incapable of letting the yarn do all the work, and so the one half of a sock was frogged back into the ball to wait for a more patterned sock to emerge.

Then Liz Abinate's sOcktober KAL came about and I had to knit (had to, ok, I have no choice but to participate when Liz does one of her KALs) at least one Neely O'Hara sock in two weeks.  So I decided to throw caution completely to the wind and cast on out of my neon stripes because at the time I had "absolutely no yarn and I can't find anything anyway."  The result was a little daring and completely magical.

Like all of Liz's patterns, Neely is masterfully written.  The instructions are clear and the patterning looks complicated but is easy to remember once you get going.  Even though the KAL ended last night I highly recommend snagging it -- it is a free Ravelry download after all.

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  1. Oh! I <3 stripes! And socks. So, umm... perfect combination! They're awesome and big bonus points to you for getting the stripes to match up so well. I'm always in awe when I see that. :)

  2. Super socks. I am a huge stripe fan. I think I may have to join in with this trend and get myself some lovely self striping yarn