Thistle Shelter

This week for WIP Wednesday I thought I'd show you something besides socks.  I mean seriously, it's Socktober.  Aren't you tired of all the socks?  Me neither.  Which is why this project is knit out of fingering weight on small needles and comes in a pair.  And you wear it in proximity to socks, so it counts, right?

I am speaking of course about legwarmers.  That awesome article of clothing that I've always loved but with which most of our wardrobes have a love-hate relationship.  Well, prepare to fall completely in love.  This is Melissa LeBarre's Thistle Leg Warmers from the new book November Knits.  I am knitting mine out of WORK + SHELTER, a hand-dyed yarn that benefits women in India who need exactly what the label states -- work and shelter.  The combination of this yarn with the stitch pattern has been absolutely perfect.  The yarn has an almost crunchy quality that takes the seed stitch and cables in a wonderful rustic fabric.

Speaking of wonderful things, have you heard about November Knits?  I had seen it pop up on Amazon for pre-order and decided that it looked interesting to stick into my wish list for later viewing.  Next thing I knew it was my birthday and I received the book from a very dear friend who had fallen for the gorgeous photography and called around to find a copy.  Fortunately the book had just arrived at stores in our area.

Sometimes I like to wait to see what other people on Ravelry have knit up before I start a pattern, but nothing about this book makes me want to hold back.  The photography is stunning and the patterns are full of interest.  The Thistle Leg Warmers are deceptively simple.  I can knit them while reading, but they require quite a bit more concentration than I expected.  I already have stash yarn picked out for the Palomino Mittens and I am dying to buy yarn for the Walden Pond Socks and the Damask Mittens.  Clearly my knitting is veering sharply into a colorwork place.  And what is with all of this paired knitting?  Hopefully I will find my sweater mojo again soon.

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  1. Ooooh, your leg warmers look lovely. I'll have to check that book out too, thanks for the heads up!

  2. I love your blog. I only wish I could knit like you.

  3. Wow, lot's of gorgeous patterns in that book! There are a half dozen cardis and jackets I wouldn't mind knitting. Love your yarn choice for the legwarmers. The colour is a lovely shade for fall :)

  4. Leg earners? Humph who knew? Loving your pattern looks funky.
    I wish I could knit that well.