Geektastic Thursday: The Return!

It is October, and you know what that means.  Well, yes, it does mean sock knitting (lots and lots of sock knitting), but it also means the official return of network television!  Sunday, though technically September, was the start of my personal television schedule with the return of Once Upon a Time and Revenge on ABC.  I am so excited that they have decided to air these two back to back as both have excellent writing and the themes fit together nicely.  I felt like I had attended a class on the different flavors of vengeance after watching those premiers.

Next week the CW threatens to dominate my week with the returns of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural (did you know a certain fan-favorite red head is returning?).  I am sadistically hoping that Elaina cannot survive the transition to be a full vampire.  She can die and Cathryn can take her place.  But honestly the story quality could drop and I would still watch as long as there were hot men running around.  That is what I come to the CW for anyway.  Which is why I am so excited for the series premier of Arrow.  It isn't Justin Hartley, but this new guy looks promising.  I'm looking forward to having green leather on my television every week and hoping that the writing measures up to the standard set by Smallville.

But what you should really be giving The CW props for is the television premier of Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog.  Every geek I know will be tuning in to watch Nathan Fillion and Neil Patrick Harris compete for the affection of one Felicia Day (she's going to be on my tv two nights in a row!) in an epic musical love story.  I simply cannot wait.

There is so much more fall television to geek out about.  Castle, New Girl, Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, and Grimm have already returned, and Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 is back later this month.  Gossip Girl is getting ready to start its final season, though I have yet to finish last season.  Before we know it it will be winter hiatus time and we will all flock back to Netflix and cable.

Now you know just how much television I really watch.  I would apologize, but really I can't.  I love it.  When Once Upon A Time went to commercial on Sunday I ran into our bedroom to inform Chris that television was way better than movies.  And it is.  It is second only to a really good book and much more amenable to complicated stitch patterns or colorwork.  I love television and I will not be ashamed!

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  1. I think tv has come so far in the last decade. We have a lot to be grateful to the likes of West Wing and 24 for. They showed how to make great quality tv - movie quality tv that had millions hooked. I love tv too - but I still love movies!