Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  One of the fun things about my job is that since children are involved we get to wear crazy outfits sometimes and we are all required to dress in costume for Halloween.  My mitts are all blocked and ready to go, but more on that Friday.  I am the only one home because Chris has started his new job (yay!) and leaves before I get going in the morning, so I have no costumed photos to share.

Is it cold where you are? It is suddenly and ferociously cold here.  We appear to have caught the edge of Sandy's wake. She did not make landfall here (for once), but the dramatic cold and snow was our trade off. Minus the snow.  All of this cold has me thinking about knitting more.  I cannot knit fast enough!  I have a swatch started for a cabled sweater that I would really like to get going on, and I am dying to cast on the Palomino Mittens from November Knits.  Super chart heavy but they look fun.  And warm!  Which, after all, really is the point of wool.

In the meantime I am knitting furiously on my Sock the Vote socks.  They need to be done and photographed by Monday, but my personal goal is to wear them to vote.  That might not be until Election Day, but I may yet manage to hit up an early voting location.

I am really enjoying learning how to knit a Star Toe on these socks.  I personally love a good kitchener session, but it was really cool last time to just pull the yarn through the stitches and be done.  Maybe I will start introducing this into more of my sock knitting.  Only time (and wearing) shall tell!

To check out more works in progress, head on over to Tami's Amis!

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  1. Love the yarns you are using :)

    It is suddenly ferociously cold here too, although being in the UK I don't think I can blame Sandy!