Little Red Accessories

I suspect you thought I would be writing about socks today.  Well, I thought I would be too.  Then I thought that I'd give in and do a little swatching on my pumpkin yarn so I can actually cast on for the project.  But then 9:30 happened.

Last night at 9:30 I was finally getting around to putting away all of that laundry (read: Chris put stuff on the bed so I had to deal with it) when I pulled down my box of knitted accessories.  This is not to be confused with the basket of knitwear or the bag of knit wear or the stack of knitted sweaters falling out of the closet or the knitted socks staging a hostile takeover of the bathroom.  This is the box of warmer items that goes on the shelf at the end of the year so I am not mocked by the amount of items I make that I only wear two months a year.  In the top of the box was the hood I knit last year.  A perfect hood in prefect red and it goes just splendidly with my new hair cut.  Then it hit me.  I still need a Halloween costume for work.  We are required to be costumed and it must be child-friendly.  I decided then and there that I would be Little Red Riding Hood.  I mean, I already have the hood, how hard can the rest be?

I have a personal rule when it comes to costumes that are not specifically for Con.  I don't make them.  I don't buy things.  I don't stress out over things I cannot control.  Instead I go through my ragtag pile of clothes and put together something and call myself a "dimension manipulator" or something else exotic.  My goal is to not embarrass myself and to look halfway decent.  This was a lot easier before I rid myself of everything I wore pre-college (Well, almost everything.  There is a Top Gun tshirt you will have to bury me with), but after an hour I managed a sort of "little red goes to work" outfit.  I plan to pick up a pair of red tights and call it good.

Or I had.  Until I decided that I need more red.  I ran it by Chris and he agreed.  More red.  The brown isn't traditional but it will look great once it has more red.  But none of my jackets are that perfect shade.  But wait!  I have some leftovers of the same yarn in my stash.  I can knit something!  I became a woman on a mission.  I had to knit something.  I had to.  It wouldn't be right if I didn't and I'm the knitter after all.  It has to be done!

I'd recommend you go ahead and hop on over to Tami's Amis.  I am now knitting mitts to wear in a week and they say the crazy is catching.  Save yourself.


  1. Oh I've fallen down that sort of hole before. Good luck!

  2. Last year I went last minute to a Halloween bonfire. I wasn't planning on having a costume, I was more concerned about layers for keeping warm. It ended up being kind of hilarious as I wore a red hooded v-neck sweater under a coar and kept being asked if I was little red riding hood.

  3. I haven't even thought about Halloween this year. :( It's sad. I hope your costume pulls together with the addition of the red accessories.

  4. LOL! Good luck with your speed knitting. You can totally do it!

  5. Uh oh. You have the hood, LOL. I guess there's a jacket or a cape coming, right?! Oh dear! Better you than me; I'd never get it done in time. I have to run away now in case that kind of crazy is catching!