Of Socks and Soups

Yesterday after my dismal morning spent enduring Laundry Day I decided to make dinner in the crockpot and spend time that should be spent on housework working on the Thistle Tea Legwarmers.  I was a woman possessed.  I sat at my computer reading knitting blogs and was to the bottom ribbing by the time dinner was ready.

I made this sweet potato soup recipe, only I substituted water for broth because we did not have any and substituted a can of mandarin oranges for the canned mangos.  I am of the belief that canned mangos can only be found in Southern California and I am unwilling to endure a return to Whole Foods to test my theory.

After playing with the submersible blender I added the cream and Chris and I walked to the grocery store to pick up some bread to go with our meal.

I am on a serious soup kick.  I picked up more of the Trader Joe's red pepper soup over the weekend and am already making plans to find something that involves pumpkin (mostly because I know I only have a few weeks left to decide what pumpkin items I want to stock up on before it is gone again until next year).  I also seem to think that if I keep making good filling soups that the weather will finally get the hint.  It is late October.  Time for a temperature drop (Please don't remind me of this when I complain about being cold.  I'll remember.  Trust me).

The Thistle Tea Legwarmers are now off the needles, but not before making one last stand against their completion.  My right hand has now decided that it is over this whole sOcktober thing and is pleading with me to start swatching that worsted weight in the corner.  But I'm not listening. I just started watching Freaks and Geeks for the first time.  I know I have at least one more pair in me.

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