Geektastic Thursday: Redacted

Dear Blog Readers,

We regret to inform you that this week's Geektastic Thursday has been redacted due to a lack of constructive content.  While Faith professes to want to discuss such topics as the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special and the need for mind altering drugs to prevent certain individuals from remembering the way in which she screamed like a small child who does not want to go home for a nap, she is instead persisting in a rather graphic rant about why she decided to knit a pair of mitts on US 1 needles one week before she needs to wear them.  Yarn for which she has previously professed great affection has suddenly become "splitty" and "coarse" and engaged in "malicious entanglement".

We recommend that you instead look elsewhere for a more geeky pursuit.  Perhaps the discussion of a Little Red Riding Hood costume has piqued your interest in learning more about the character?  Do not do a Google image search.  Unless you are into that sort of *ahem* thing.  When we checked in with Faith about this subject she managed to suggest checking out the character of Red in Once Upon A Time, which is streaming on Netflix if you are into that sort of thing.  An undying love of Jane Espenson brought her to this show, but the strong acting and compelling storylines have kept her there.  Plus this interpretation of Red is just simply bad ass.

In the meantime, we hope you forgive Faith's absence.  We are certain hope that she returns to her senses relatively soon.


The better part of the stash

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  1. Two things...Usually the splitting (if you've previously been happy with the yarn) is due to your needles. Try a duller needle. I can't use Addi's because that's what happens to me with any and all yarns.

    For the tangling: I like to take a gallon ziploc, cut a small corner off each of the top edges, put the yarn inside and pull one through each hole. It really helps keep them separated and when they do get tangled you just have to turn the bag.