FO: Twisted Vines Hat

Before you laugh at me, yes, I have another tall slouchy hat to show you.  If ever there is evidence that knitting can influence your tastes it is me, who did not even like knit hats beyond what was necessary for our occasional snow.  And I never wore anything slouchy.  Ever.  But clearly, that has all changed.

This is the Twisted Vines Hat by Melissa LaBarre.  In November she ran a pattern sale on all patterns she published that month, and so I snatched this pattern right up.  I cast on almost immediately because it was perfect for my Dragonfly Fibers September club yarn, Traveller, a sportweight yarn, in the colorway Tropicana.  You may remember that I like to call this the happiest yarn in the world because, well, it is.  Have you seen that color?  It is impossible to photograph inside and, well, I'm never outside in daylight this time of year.

Typically I do not wear things in this shade.  I am known to wear some wild colors, but in general even I know better than to mix red and orange.  Let alone with pink!  But this yarn knit up so wonderfully in the stitch pattern and it was a lot of fun to watch where the pops of color would fall.

I realized last night as I prepared to write this post that I as much as I have been wearing this hat, I did not have any photos of it.  And as I set up my chair in a closet for best nighttime lighting I remembered, dear readers, how many of you were dissatisfied the last time I wrote about a hat without modeling it for you.

So here you go.  Post-zumba, settled on the couch for Vampire Diaries and trying to decide how the snow falling outside would effect my work prospects today.  Don't say I never did anything for you.

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  1. Love the hat and your right the yarn is so cheery and it shows the stitch pattern to perfection. Will keep this slouchy hat in mind for my sister.

  2. Love it. And the photo of you in hat is beautiful! I wish I could look like that post Zumba!

  3. GREAT HAT! Not colors I would normally grab but I really like the end result!

  4. Avesome hat! Love the color.

  5. Orange, red and pink together is one of my favorite color combos... Lovely hat!-Anya (atlowery on ravelry)