Geektastic Thursday: Bag Lady

I'm not a purse girl.  When I was in high school I did not carry one, and in college I tried to confine myself to the smallest bag possible.  But then I finished school, started knitting with a vengeance, and found myself without an excuse to carry a backpack.  Yet I never really moved past the purses of my school days.  Small zipper bags and over-stuffed satchels have been my go-to.  I have one larger bag, but it is really nice and a fear I have been a little too rough on it.  So I went back to my little bags and juggled water bottles, books, lunch, and knitting to work.  I kept a lookout for a new purse, but I never justified the expense until Chris' grandfather sent us some Christmas money the same week that I saw this.

Last week Think Geek had a sale on Star Wars branded items.  As soon as I saw this bag from Rock Rebel I had to have it.  It is everything I had been looking for.  Simple, but graphic.  Big enough to hold what I lug around, but small enough not to take up the entire floor next to my desk.  The black and white print contrasted with the pink glitter is just girly enough to be a fashion statement, as well as a point of geek pride.

And lest you be worried I gush, too much, This is everything I carried with me to work yesterday.

I think the photos speak for themselves.  Try fitting that much in your average handbag.  I have.  It is not pretty.

Think Geek's sale has ended, but I did find that Hot Topic has a similar assortment from the same brand.  It might be a bit too much to carry more than one Star Wars handbag (says the girl with the Star Wars planner, reading a Star Wars book, wearing her Star Wars hoodie), but if they ever get the rights to another property, you can bet I will be there with my credit card in tow.

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