Weather Reflective Mojo

I don't know about where you live, but here in North Carolina the weather is getting particularly wacky.  On Thursday night it snowed.  Actually, there was this horrible incident in which my car window, the one in the driver door, seemed to come off whatever tracks it utilizes to get stuck down in the door.  In a rain storm that turned to snow.  I'm sure the sight of me standing in the parking lot yelling as I tried to get it back in place is one for which my neighbors will never forgive me.  And now today it is so warm that as I was running in my tshirt and shorts I found myself thinking about that bathing suit I bought last year but never wore.

As I am sure you can imagine this is doing a number on my knitting mojo.  I am torn between wanting to cast on snuggly alpaca shawls and lace weight cardigans.  I have a pile of yarn I keep pulling out to wind and then changing my mind.  As a result I have not succeeded in knitting anything new but am rather finishing up some sparkly WIPs.

So far I have finished two and I am hopeful that I will finish my Bombshell shorts next as they are all I have on the needles.  I think I can see the end in sight, which usually means I am about two thirds of the way done.  The goal is to finish them in time to wear over tights as that is the only way I can envision styling them.  I just may be pairing that a tank top.

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