Yarn Conspiracies

Thank you everyone for all of your lovely comments on Shipwreck Cove.  Since finishing the sweater I have returned to one of my favorite more economic yarns of choice.  Laceweight.

I am knitting a pair of Ellie mitts for a friend out of this lovely Gnome Acres laceweight in the Bertie's Botts colorway.  Because this is a fingering weight pattern I am knitting this sparkly laceweight double -- which is easier said than done.

I showed these to you in December when I first cast them on, and then they kind of disappeared into the WIP pile.  This is no doing of mine, I swear.  It was yet another one of those evil yarn plots, working to make sure I no longer have any interest in knitting with laceweight.  First it was this epic yarn barf that resulted in having to actually cut one of the strands and spend an hour detangling.  And now?  This.

I know, that dropped stitch doesn't look like much.  But there is at least one full hour in this.  Granted, picking up stitches with a migraine is not the best plan in the world, but I swear that yarn is out to get me.

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