Life's Too Short For Bad Knits

Today, instead of talking about what I am knitting, let's talk about what I am not knitting.  I am not knitting these socks, that have been sitting waiting for attention for almost a year.

I am also not knitting the green and pink Dancette.

And I am most definitely not knitting on Abalone.  In fact, all of these projects were moved from WIP status to shameful hibernation within the past year.  And now they are continuing their journey to the frog pond.  In my brain I have already turned the socks into My Hope and one of the yarns from Dancette is on its way to become a different two color shawl.

If there is one lesson I learned in 2012 it was not to be afraid to let go.  Of my pride, of my inhibitions, and of worthless baggage.  Fortunately when I let go of uninspiring projects they can be repurposed into something beautiful.

And Abalone?

Last night I cast on for the Lightning Shrug from the latest Knitscene.  I just bought a sleeveless green dress for which I think this will be just matchy-matchy enough.

For more WIP madness, check out the gang over at Tami's Amis.


  1. I think sometimes we just need a change; the shawl I'm working on just now started it's life as something different... it's nice to change!! have a knitty wednesday xx

  2. I've also recently learned that life's too short for knitting anything except things I love. I've been overheard saying to myself "It's only knitting" and repeating as often as necessary. Love the color of Abalone.

  3. I love this post! What you're NOT knitting LOL. Love that sock yarn ... I'd finish those socks if it were me :)

  4. Letting go results in such a lovely free feeling. Yay for playing in the frog pond!

  5. I have some hopeless WIPS that I need to let go of.... maybe that will be something I learn to do in 2013!

  6. I too have learnt recently the joy of letting go. Over the last year I have found it easier to frog projects that just aren't making my heart skip. Usually that is why they are in the longstanding corner of my wip pile. It's so liberating when you frog it. It leaves you free to knit something you truly love because sometimes you can't tell what that is until you cast on.

  7. You know, I have been thinking about this same concept. I have two at a time socks that I have just messed up. I know I can do better and just need to rip them out and start over. It's worth it.