Avoiding the Cone of Carnage

There are no sock pictures yet again today because the insanely bright heat of yesterday has turned to an extremely uncomfortable mugginess that involves as little light as possible.  I actually really enjoy this weather.  Something about dark rainy days (not the muggy heat part) makes me feel all cozy as I sit with a cup of tea and my knitting and attempt to decipher all of the edits my thesis committee has begun to send back (I'm torn between working through each document in the order I have received them or printing out a copy of each chapter and writing all three sets of comments in one place).

Because I finished the socks, and the super seekret project (yes, you spell it that way because you really draw out the "ee"s), I have been left with a bit of a knitting conundrum.  I actually uttered that phrase people mock me for. I have nothing to knit.  Really.  I have a cowl in my purse, but that's my purse knitting and if I work on it at home then long car rides, lunch breaks, lines, and possibly that reading at B&N I am going to will be just unbearable because I will have finished it and it won't be that nice box stitch that requires just a little brain power but not so much you are completely distracted.  And I won't be keeping myself calm with really pretty merino that makes me fantasize about living in a city where it actually gets cold enough for a wool cowl and how stunning I'd look wearing it in the snow with my dress coat, skinny jeans, and high heeled boots that magically don't hurt my feet.  Instead, I would be fighting with lace weight, trying to start a stole that isn't quite the pattern I envisioned and my yarn would keep snapping.  Just imagine the carnage.

So I dug around for a while and came up with a cone of Marr Haven sport that I bought last year on sale for my birthday and never got around to using.

(Sorry again about the photo quality.  There's just no way around this light today)

This is Cria, a garter yoke sweater from Ysolda Teague's Little Red in the City.  I printed off the relevant pages, wrote down the numbers for my size, and cast on.  That cast on is a little wonky and made absolutely no sense the first seven million times I read it.  But I trust Ysolda and the result was pretty genius.

I'm going to modify the button count a little to use some lovely bronze Soviet uniform buttons I have been saving.  Three for the yoke and one for each of the sleeves.  And because I'm knitting off the cone I can't take it out of the house, meaning my purse project has no interest for me because I have to see what this next increase row will do.  Now excuse me, I have to go finish this row.

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