SAFF (Or How We Did Not Go To The Tractor Show)

SAFF was amazing.  I don't think I've had so much fun, like, ever.  Ok, maybe not that amazing, but it was pretty awesome and Mom and I had a great time.  It was a little overwhelming to see all of the vendors with all that yarn and it was just everywhere and . . . yeah . . . . There is a sales arena that is two floors, and then there is a barn.  While all of the sellers were very nice, I really liked hanging out in the barn because it felt more like I was interacting with the specific individuals who create the products I was purchasing.  My goal with SAFF was to buy yarn that I had not seen in my local shops, specifically those created and dyed by individuals, rather than created in a manufacturing plant.

So I could tell you about the awesomeness of Miss Babs, the eclectic feel of Knitting Notions, the amazing colors of Kitchen Sink Dyeworks, or the soft verigations of Brooks Farm, all of whom I purchased from, but instead I want to tell you about a booth in which I instantly felt welcome.

I was excited to hear that Kate Oats, the designer behind Tot Toppers and When I Grow Up.  I'm a latent admirer of her designs.  I love them, but I have not actually knit any of them.  It was really exciting to go in the booth and see all of her samples sitting out, a pattern book on a stool and she and a friend knitting away huddled by a heater (did I mention that it was FREEZING?).  Kate was super friendly and not at all pushy while mom and I picked over her booth trying on hats and deliberating over yarn colors. Oh, I didn't mention she had a build your own kit? Yes, it was super awesome.

I bought this gorgeous skein of Yarn Love in the Anne Shirley base to knit the Twisty Violets Cap.  I've already picked out several of her other patterns to knit and my dear mother, who still has flashbacks of the one hat she has knit, fell in love with one of the sweater patterns and is now talking about knitting sweaters.  That's how amazing this woman is.

I also got to meet some really cool people.  The lovely hosts of the Just One More Row podcast, Brittany and Dana, had a small meetup.  It was really nice to meet them.  I love listening to their podcast.  It's the only knitting podcast that I listen to that is actually hosted by people who live in this area of the country, where we have a lot of really good fiber.  Mom and I also visited with our friends Lynette and Kim who work with the Southeastern Llama Rescue.  They had a booth selling donated goods to raise money for their efforts.

Oh, and we got to visit with some Llamas.  Don't worry, no knitwear was harmed in the taking of this photo.

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