FO: It's Hip to Be Square

It's my little brother's seventeenth birthday!  First he learned to shower daily, then he could drive, and now? Now he can go see an R rated movie.  My how he's grown.

While I was home for SAFF mom and I picked up a cake and we had an impromptu birthday celebration that ended in the kind of giggles that only family can understand.  I've knit for all of my family, and each has a very real appreciation of the work and love that goes into each stitch.  But my brother is often the most fun to knit for.  For Christmas 2009 I gave my brother a knit hat.  He wore that hat so much he slept in it.  Last year for his birthday I knit another and he wore it all the time.  So this year I once again turned to some sturdy Cascade 220 and knit another hat.

This is my fourth Turn a Square.  I really should branch out and try to knit other Jared Flood patterns, but I love the way it works up.  My little brother is a guitarist and, in his mind, future rock star.  I may not have the musical talent in the family, but when he and my sister are one day touring with Evanescence, I will be there. Screaming in the audience and making sure they have the best and coolest knitwear around.

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