What's the Use of Wonderin?

It's been hard to find things to blog about lately.  I'm still running, trying to do some yoga, and fretting about my thesis, but it is rather difficult to take pictures of these.

The Nutkins have slowed somewhat because of a new seekret project that has taken some of my attention.  Though I am planning to finish sock #2 tonight when I get home from work.

I'm getting really excited for SAFF on Saturday.  I've been "saving" up for a while and am trying to decide just how much I think I'll spend.  Part of me thinks I need extra just in case, the other part of me knows that if I have the cash I will spend it.

The North Carolina state fair opened this weekend and as someone who now lives in the same city I fulfilled my obligation to go on the busiest night -- Saturday.

I made a lot of Carousel jokes and references that were largely lost on those more excited to be there than I was.  There was some good food, though.  I had set out to try deep fried oreos, but in the end settled for assorted samplings of Andrea's food and a frozen banana.

Fried Pickles, they are yummy! (and require special capitalization)

And I finally got my fireworks!  Only slightly overshadowed by the high school girls singing Katie Perry behind us.

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