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I'm frantically packing for SAFF and dashing about with my normal every day craziness, but I wanted to jot a quick post about my new socks!  It was finally cold enough yesterday to wear them to work and I spent a lot of time hopping around on one foot pulling up the leg of my jeans so that I could show them off.  And then it was light enough to take pictures!

Nutkin by Beth LaPensee in Madelinetosh Sock, Cousteau

I love this pattern.  I love the stitches, I love the way they flow together, I love the way they flew off of my needles, and I love love LOVE the turned hem on the cuff.  It was a bit dodgy to knit up at first, but I got the hang of them.  Plus the design is written top down with a short row heel and toe.  I never thought I'd enjoy kitchenering sixty-four stitches in one go, but it turned out very nicely.

The Madelinetosh was a dream to work with.  It has amazing stitch definition and the patterning wasn't lost in the darker color.  I did not realize until I was on the Madelinetosh website that Cousteau is a new colorway.  It really is lovely.  My sister was asking about it and the best way I can describe it is a mermaid in the dark.  You know, when the moon is refracted by the water and their tails glint just so?  In any case, I understand now why the yarn costs so much.  It has to be some of the nicest I've ever used.

Now I really must go get ready.  So much to do.  See you at SAFF on Saturday?

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  1. Lovely! Oh my the color is simply magical! I am partial to blues but that is beyond stunning. You did an excellent job with the pattern and the photography! I would be hopping around all day if I had those to show off as well.

    Enjoy your weekend!