Friday Wedding Update: Week 29

This post is not about the release of Whimsical Little Knits 3 that went live last night.  It is not about the fact that I flailed about frantically and immediately cast on with yarn that was already half a pair of socks, meaning I'll have to buy more.  It is most certainly not about the fact I stayed up till almost midnight knitting on said item, though I was mostly ripping out.  No, this post is about a little even I like to call Rutabaga 2012.

In exactly 29 weeks (yes, I counted) I will be getting married.  It's a scary thought that has often sparked a whirwind of panic when I think about the fact that I have done nothing about the food, the order of ceremony, purchasing rings, etc.  I have this really long check list that really doesn't fully apply to me because, frankly, I'm not spending a lot of money on this.  Both Chris and I are extremely broke and though my parents are helping with much of the financial expense, I am too budget conscious to let them spend much.

What most people probably find amusing about this is that I have been engaged for almost 13 months, but until a few weeks ago I had absolutely no interest in working on my wedding.  I was too focused on school and trying to find a job that would cover my rent to really care about the finer points of florists, photographers, and my adamant stand against djs.  But then it hit.  About 12 hours after graduation I suddenly cared.  A lot. Which is good because I now have less than six months to plan and execute this sucker.

But fear not.  I have thrown myself into wedding planning with more than a little gusto.  My mom and sister came up for two days before new years and within about 30 hours we had tried on and purchased my dress as well as both bridesmaid dresses.  Having the bridesmaid dresses gave me a color scheme.  Having the wedding dress has given me theme influencing ideas.  I have no pictures to offer because Chris often reads the blog and the one thing I have been very particular about is that he know nothing about my dress.  I took no pictures of my own and my mom took it home so that he won't stumble upon it when for some unknown reason I send him to my closet to find a pair of shoes because I'm stranded somewhere and have a gala to get to (hey, a girl can dream).

In the past week I have also confirmed a photographer (so far the most expensive part of the wedding, but I know it'll be worth it), figured out what to do about flowers (more on that later... I hope), and gone with Chris to create a registry at Target (fun, but not nearly as fun as everyone leads you to believe).  Next on the list is to create a wedding website and figure out a headcount for the guest list.  Are you not just dying to know more?  Yeah, me neither.  Who knew there was absolutely so much to do.  I'm sure you'll hear more about the stuff I've decided to cut out in the days to come as the crazy truly starts to sink in.

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