Wrong Frakking Apartment

I totally meant to start the Friday Wedding Updates this week, but my car decided that it felt unloved.  Evidently if I spend the money to repair a problem with the computer I need to spend an amount equal or greater on Glinda.  She decided to throw a tantrum on Friday and suddenly activate her check engine light for no apparent reason, the car equivalent of a three year old suddenly falling on the ground crying with no visible cause.  It's just confusing and scary as anything.  Fortunately Glinda is in no danger of exploding, but it took a lot of running around after work to make sure I can get her fixed tomorrow.  Here's hoping she matures a bit more as she ages into the second half of her second decade.  It really is time for her to put her priorities in order.

So after fun car craziness on Friday (hopefully not to be continued in the expensive car craziness sequal tomorrow), I came home for smoothies and tv night with Andrea.  We watch a lot of the same tv shows, often together.  We especially watch our creepy tv shows together, which is why we were in the middle of The Secret Circle when someone tried to open our door.  Being the deductive individuals we are and understanding that even with our limited mathematical skills we can still count to two, we immediately took action.  The oh my gosh someone is breaking into our apartment kind of action.

Let me preface this by saying that we live in a very nice apartment complex and do not have a need to constantly fear someone breaking in to our apartment.  There was that one incident in which the maintenance man came in while I was in the shower, but at least the leak in the kitchen sink was fixed by the time he left and we both had a funny story to show for it.  It should, however, be abundantly clear by this point that Andrea and I are paranoid individuals.  And when I say paranoid I mean that the one time I decided to try taking a bath last month I brought in the rock salt as a precaution to slow down angry spirits if I needed to get out the door.  So when I say we took action, it isn't just a peak out the window and see if someone's out there kind of thing.

To my memory the following took a total of twenty to thirty seconds (which I acknowledge is far too long if serious danger presented itself.  We may be enacting drills to improve this):

1) Random sound of door knob trying to turn.  I jump off the couch and go look out the peephole, taking care not to actually touch the door and alert anyone to my proximity.  I see a strange man.

2) I whisper to Andrea that said strange man is outside our door and we race to the end of the hall where she hands me the Jackle (a prop replica knife from Buffy that is seriously sharp) and I run back to the door.

3) Man is still standing there and then appears to lean something against the door and walks out of my field of vision.

4) I glance behind me and see Andrea standing there with her costume props of an airsoft rifle and giant sword, one in each hand, pointed at the door.  I wish I had taken a picture.

5) Man is back at the door.  He still has not knocked but he also hasn't tried the knob again so I decide not to confront him with our stabbing implements.  Suddenly the door across from ours opens and I hear a lot of noise and the dogs start barking.  I hear a woman call to the man, who picks up his stuff and goes in.

6)  I start laughing hysterically.

Apparently our neighbor had someone over but did not tell him which door was hers.  The current theory is that she told him the door was open and that is why he tried to just come in without knocking.  I can only imagine what would have happened had we opened the door.  The sight alone would probably terrify anyone, not because we're intimidating but just because it is probably scary that we would be that quick to arm ourselves.  At least it's nice to know that we are prepared, even if it is just another way we weird out the neighbors.  Honestly, I'm just glad I was knitting on my sweater and not a pair of socks.  I would have no qualms about whipping my Hiya-Hiya's into action, but it would have been a big tangle to clean up afterwards.

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