Geektastic Thursday: Pretty Little Award

If you were not on the internet last night you may not have heard news -- Pretty Little Liars won the People's Choice Award for best cable drama!  Yep, that's right, I'm a fan girl and I am so glad that this show is getting the recognition it deserves.  The show returned two weeks ago with a bang that left glass in my hair and Andrea and I both yelling at the tv "No!" and "I knew it!" at the same time.  And nothing beats a show that gets us to yell at the tv all night.

I am a recent PLL devotee, as of last summer.  Soon after we moved in to our apartment Andrea sat me down in front of the tv, queued up the pilot, and thus began our obsessive rewatch.  There was no turning back.  The writing is smart -- very very smart, actually -- and the plot is the perfect balance of outrageous teenage drama and chilling paranoia.  The idea that A is always watching and always waiting to turn your every move against you is just brilliant.  It takes all of the pressure of high school and amplifies it to the point that actual high school seems to be no big deal.

My only complaint about the return of the show has been the serious lack of knitwear.  Season one was filled with so much -- Spencer's crazy sweaters, everyone's hats, Aria's crazy fashion choices -- that it seemed to reach the level of actual knitting porn (Hey, this scene has no knitting in it. WHAT? NO KNITTING? Quick, put Aria in a ridiculously chic knit belt!).  In the past two weeks we've only been treated to one knit beret.  I hope this is not a sign of things to come, because if Spencer stops making her own clothes I may cry.  The next time one of them is in the hospital they should take up knitting to pass the time rather than digging around in the morgue.

Back to the serious stuff,  I want to point out that it is about time Pretty Little Liars got some recognition from the establishment.  It really is the best show targeting a young adult market on the air today.  Glee may claim that it is addressing issues for today's youth, but Pretty Little Liars actually deals with them.  Bullying, peer pressure, broken homes, and being gay in high school.  It's all there and addressed with a realistic candor that, frankly, is very refreshing.  And it is all dealt with by characters who are growing up to be strong, independent young women.  It just can't get any better, right?

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