Today's post is just a small bit of housekeeping.  I promise I'll post my final FO from 2011 tomorrow (hint: it's more socks!).   In two weeks Faithfully Geeky will have its third year anniversary.  I started this blog my last semester of college as a way to chronicle my growth as a knitter, and it has gone through fits and starts as I tried to continue blogging my way through grad school, language school, and the many many projects I made on the way.

Don't worry, this is not a good bye or a change of location.  I have loved keeping this blog, but I don't think I have expressed that very well.  There have been times when I have been so busy I let the blog slide and didn't update for months on end.  So I've decided that it is time to refocus my efforts and to assure this I'm going to try some new things.  This has nothing to do with the new year but is driven by the fact that I have found myself in a much different place in my life than I was last year and so want to change things up to bring a better product.

First up,  I'm going to start planning more.  I often plan out posts in my head, but I never actually write out a schedule, which is odd, because I am very much a schedule driven person.  I start each day by making a mental to-do list and have an obsession with writing everything down in my planner (you never know when you'll have to testify as to where you were three years ago on Jan 3 at 9am).  In an effort to bring better quality to the blog I am going to do this.

Also, I am going to allow myself to write posts that deal more with my personal life.  It's hard to find a balance when this is, after all, a personal blog.  It may center around knitting, but my life does influence the way a lot of my knitting turns out.  This is nothing extreme and will not be like keeping a diary.  I'm going to start by doing a Friday wedding update.  If you don't want to read about it, you can skip those posts, but for those who care I am getting married the first Friday in August and this will be a fun way to count down through the planning insanity.

The last change I'm going to make is a complete no-brainer.  I'm going to return to some of my geeky roots. This blog has the name it has for a reason, but I often leave out the real geeky part of my personality.  Part of this is because for much of the time I have been running this blog I was involved in geek-related podcasts and so got most of my chatter out there.  However, I am currently podcast-less and I am starting to feel the void, so look out for some sort of weekly geek obsession in the near future.

I'm making these changes in the hopes that I can better improve this space.  My only resolution for the new year involved spending more time writing, an activity I really miss now that I am out of school.  Hopefully you will stick with me into this new phase of Faithfully Geeky.   I have some of the most awesome readers in the world, and want to honor that with a more serious approach to the blog.

Ok, now back to my normal random insanity.

Eva secures uncooperative kitty.

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