Miscrossed Sleeves

My current favorite WIP to work on when home is the Gramps Cardigan, a design by Kate Oates.  I bought the pattern during her Black Friday sale and have to say, I am really enjoying it.  I am using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Opal Heather which has turned out to be a much softer wool than I had thought it would be.  I decided to try something new and not only knit the sleeves first, but also knit them two at a time.

I finished these on Saturday.  Like most knitters I am not a big fan of sleeve knitting, so it's exciting to have that part already out of the way.  The back and fronts are knit seamlessly and then the collar and button band are picked up.  I love having cables to knit again.  I had started out knitting without a cable needle, something I do a lot because of my socks, but I've discovered that in this case I prefer to have one around.  Makes things look much more even.

And yes, that is a miscrossed cable there.  I started the sleeves the night before my defense.  I noticed the mistake early on but decided to leave it.  It's a nice reminder of what I have conquered.

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