Domestic with Cucumbers

Recently I have begun trying to have what I call a "domestic day" every week.  Generally this falls on Monday because it is my day off and I am the only one home during the day.  On Domestic Day I clean, do laundry, work on secret wedding crafting, and continue my quest to become a better cook. Yesterday was this week's Domestic Day and I pulled out my copy of The New Moosewood Cookbook that my mother gave to me as a wedding present last month.  Because it has been so dreadfully hot I decided to try a chilled soup.

The Chilled Cucumber-Yogurt Soup was actually one of the least time-consuming recipes I have tried in a while.  I made the Arabian Squash Casserole two weeks ago and it took me all afternoon.  But the longest amount of time for this one was spent grating the cucumber.  Have you ever grated cucumbers before?  It takes forever!  And it's a messy job because all of the water in the cucumber sprays everywhere.

I also really liked this recipe because it used all ingredients I already had in the apartment, aside from the cucumbers.  I was unable to garnish it with fresh mint like the directions say because I'm not that fancy yet, but I did add in the optional honey to make it a little sweeter.

The verdict?  For a girl who is on the fence about cucumbers I really enjoyed it.  It's a little stringy, but that is to be expected.  Andrea had some as well and called it a "sweeter version of a cucumber sandwich," which I would say is a pretty accurate description.  And because it is a chilled soup, all I have to do is throw some in a bowl to take for a healthy work lunch.  Fast and easy leftovers -- my kind of meal.

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