Socks of Crazy

I know that I said I did not have time for any more crafting and I have barely had time to work on anything during my lunch breaks, but I did get sucked in to the Knitting in Circles/Knitabulls July KAL.  But seriously, with my newly discovered obsession with Gnome Acres yarn, how could I not?  I bought Froggy Monkey as an impulse buy on my phone (I can now Etsy from my phone.  This has proven quite dangerous) and felt that I must cast on something or else suffer the guilt that I prevented someone who really wanted it from participating.

I am knitting Socks on a Plane, which is a free Laura Linneman pattern (I may be slightly obsessed with her stuff as well).  It is very basic knitting with just a bit of interest in the wee cable moving along the side.  If nothing else, I think it would make excellent travel knitting for the honeymoon, which I should really start thinking about because I don't know where we are going and we'll be gone for a week and what should I pack to knit and will I want to knit where we go and . . . Sorry.  I'm back.  Where was I?

I love the way that the colorway is knitting up.  My foot size and gauge is just right that the green sections move together while the orange and aqua stripe with each other.  Usually such pooling bothers me, but I like this riot of color.  Sadly this will probably be as far as I get as the wedding draws ever closer and my to-do list ever longer.

But don't despair.  There are plenty more positive and productive WIPs over at Tami's Amis!


  1. Oh, esty by phone!?! That would be dangerous! That you only have one WIP to show for that kind of temptation shows admirable restraint!

  2. I have etsy on my phone as well, and I know the dangers. I love this yarn and your choice of pattern is fantastic really works well

  3. Etsy by phone is very dangerous. Your socks are looking really cool. I especially like the cable XD

  4. love that cable :) good luck in planning-- I'm right at the beginning of wedding planning and it seems really overwhelming!

  5. esty on phone, credit card in pocket = DH getting upset with me!