Geektastic Thursday: Body Language

Because of all of the wedding crazy around here, I have not been geeking out about much aside from secret crafting (what could I possibly be doing with that modgepodge), and vague references to secret projects just would not be fun for anyone.  So instead I thought I would talk about a new Etsy discovery I made thanks to designer Alex Tinsley's blog posts about mineral eye shadow.

When I found Body Language, I was just interested in looking at different eye shadows because I love the names that independent producers give their product lines.  But what hooked me was the different skin care products.  I decided to give the Soothing Lavender dry facial mask a go because I have super sensitive skin and thought a vegan-friendly shop might have something that would be less abrasive.  They also happened to be running a sale in the shop, so I grabbed the small tin and a lip balm (because you can never have too many) for a very good price.

Monday I received my second, much larger order.  I am completely hooked.  These are my new favorite lip balms and I already want everything in the Sandalwood Rose scent.  Even with the shipping, I have found that I am not paying any more than I would at the drug store for a more generic, highly-processed option.  Even for someone as used to a constricted budget as I have, this is a real deal.

The other thing that I love about this shop is the samples that Lindsey includes in the box.  I get to try out mineral eye shadow or a fun gloss without the investment of the whole container.  The idea of "one for you, one for a friend" business cards is also a great extra.

As a knitter, I love to be able to buy yarn from an individual, and am willing to pay a little extra for something that supports an artisan and their family, rather than a corporation.  I still buy a lot of things because they are the cheapest option, rather than the most eco-friendly -- it's just the way my personal economy works and I work hard to change that where I can.  But for life's little luxuries, like lip balm or hand-dyed yarn, I am quite happy to pay for the quality I have found in these individual shops.

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