Maintaining Good Vibrations

As we get closer to the wedding my brain is finding it harder and harder to focus.  At the same time, since the completion of the Umbre Lovre I am dying to do more colorwork.  This has made for some interesting knitting day dreams as I flip through Knitscene Accessories and think about all of the mitt patterns I could knit up with some leftovers.  But I have never done entrelac and I have no desire to suddenly take up intarsia when there are many more things I absolutely must get done.  So two nights ago, in a desperate attempt to avoid a cast on frenzy of doom I turned to my secret weapon.  The yarn I saved for just this occasion that I tried so hard to forget until it was absolutely necessary.  I was hoping I would make it further into July, but I just could not hold out any longer.

Today after I discussed yet more wedding details with Mom I went with friends to our local Menchies for their 4th of July special.  And I did not pick at my nails once.  Last night we went to see Spider-Man and I suffered no panic attacks because something made me think of something that is related to another something that I absolutely must get done.  And it is all thanks to this special, some would argue magical, yarn.  This is my first ever pair of self-striping socks, knit in Lollipop Yarn in the Good Vibrations colorway.  I fell down months ago and came back with an Etsy-stalking headache and this squishy little thing.  I had my typical yarn-buying guilt and put it away to save for the "right time."

Now I know what my subconscious knew then.  I am a crazy person on a normal day and there is no way I will survive the next month if I don't have something simple that is bright and shiny enough to hold my interest.  I just hope that I can find a way to get more because I'm not sure how long I will be able to make these last.

I hope that everyone in the US is enjoying their 4th of July.  It is my first paid administrative holiday ever and I was almost in a parade when I went on my run this morning.  If I can make it to fireworks tonight it will be the best Fourth ever.  To everyone else, happy Wednesday.  Please head over to Tami's Amis to read even more WIP posts and show your support for the woman who has brought us to 100 weeks of Work-In-Progress Wednesday!


  1. I love the yarn. Its super pretty and I'm glad you got some time off of wedding stuff. XD