FO: Bitchin' Socks

Two FO Fridays in a row!  Do not expect to see this kind of productivity from me again for quite some time.  This week I finished my Bitchin' Socks, also known as the Georgia On My Mind pattern by Leslie Thompson.  But I knew before I even wound the yarn that these would be my Bitchin' Socks.

This is the first pair of socks that I have knit since the tragic loss of my Nutkins last month, and so I desperately needed them to be a success.  And boy do these socks not disappoint.  The yarn is Gnome Acres' Molly Weasley in her superwash merino/nylon base.  It is sturdy, vibrant, and makes for excellent stitch definition.

This stitch panel may be the reason I now am obsessed with all of Gnome Acres colorways.

Leslie's pattern was a dream to knit.  I made them a tad shorter than called for with the intention of hitting my perfect inch-over-ankle cuff that I love for work, but I decided to try the Eye of Partridge heel rather than my standard short-row.  This resulted in a taller sock for reasons that were obvious after I finished the first heel.

If it was not for the fact that I absolutely hate knitting the gusset I would probably sub in this heel construction more often.  The look of the bright colors in this stitch pattern made me super happy.  I would find myself stopping after a few rows just to look at the way the verigation was working up.

Sadly it has been far too hot here for wool socks.  Normally I wear them despite the heat, but with our average temperature up over 100 before you account for the humidity even I am opting for shoes sans socks.  I'm really looking forward to trying these out as soon as I can.  I just got a new work shirt that is bright orange and would match them perfectly.

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  1. Love them, love the name, love the pattern and definitely love the yarn

  2. They are really pretty. I love the way the colors look in the panel and the heel too

  3. Wow, those socks are great, I love Molly Weasley colors. Shame about the other pair, I hope these ones help you to move on.

  4. I LOVE those socks and the yarn is cool too