Almost There

We are barely a week out from the wedding and I have FINALLY finished almost all of the wedding crafting.  Yay!  But, as you know, I can't show you anything.

Oh look! Knitting needles!

What I can show you is the progress I am not making with my packing because oh yeah, we sign out lease tomorrow.

With these photos my dirty little secret is probably out.  I finally made an Instagram account (tharensolo).  I've resisted forever because I don't want to be that hipster.  I already dress like a hipster.  If I start posting predictably ironic filtered photos, I'm just going to lose any leg I had to stand on.  I joined for an "ironic" coffee photo, but I now might actually be a fan.

Anyway, we should be back in business tomorrow, just in time for the Ravellenics!  Stay tuned . . .

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