Geektastic Thursday: Spider-Man

Today's post was supposed to be a rave review of The Amazing Spider-Man, but thanks to very patriotic individuals who shot of fireworks well past midnight, my enthusiasm for anything but my coffee is lagging a bit.  So here's what I thought in one sentence or less:

Go see Spider-Man!

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.  I was obsessed with the earlier movies in high school and this just blows it out of the water.  Half the movie I was just sitting there with my stripey sock in my hand, staring open-mouthed at the screen.  Go see Spider-Man.  I, for one, was not disappointed.

That hair?  In IMAX 3D?  May have something to do with that.

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  1. I loved Spider Man in High school too.. I just can't get past the new guy playing Spider Man. I had a bit of a crush on Toby McGuire in high school..He was my first nerd crush. But if a fellow spidey fan liked it I guess I can give him a chance. XD