Geektastic Thursday: Space Crafting

When I was a kid my dad would tell me stories of all the places he lived when he was an opera singer.  Tiny rooms in Boston, fifth floor walkups in New York City, and billeted flats when touring overseas.  He would tell me about moving on the subway and I would romanticize about what it would be like to pack all of my stuff in a trunk and live in a big city apartment the size of our living room.  When I got to have my own room I took the smallest one in the house as a challenge to jigsaw puzzle all of my things (I had way too much stuff -- still do) into as small of a place as possible.

Clearly this idea has stuck with me as I have grown older.  When Chris and I looked for a place to live I favored the smaller apartments, loving the idea of starting our lives together in a space where we really will be nesting.  We will have to or we will be sleeping in the yarn (it's not really that small. I like to think that it is the perfect size).  It helps that we are your stereotypical newlyweds -- seriously skint.

One of the things I absolutely refused to part with when we moved in together was my desk.  It was my mother's and I have used it all the way through high school and then online summer courses and grad school. It is the site of many tearful thesis drafts and held my attempts at scrapbooking long after I abandoned the medium.  So when we moved into our four room apartment (that includes the bathroom and kitchen), I decided to get a little creative.

Welcome to my office.  It is a little cluttered because I still have a lot of grad school paperwork to sort through, but it is perfect.  We don't have a washer or dryer, so I repurposed the space to hold my desk, the ironing board and drying racks, and a cart of tools and crafting supplies.  I have enough space for some WIPs, my computer, a book stand, and my sewing machine which I swear I really am going to learn to use.

The best part?  When we have someone come to visit or the urge strikes I can push in my chair and close the doors.

I have plans to hang my autographs on the wall behind the desk and to cover the inside of the door to be like an inspiration board.  With the door closed we can finally have a sophisticated grown up apartment (or as sophisticated and grown up as an apartment can be with not one but two Yoda bobble heads) and only the lucky few, like you, will get the chance to peek into the inner sanctum of my crafting world.

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  1. How brilliant! In my old flat I had an enormous walk in wardrobe with shelving incorporated. I could have done the same as you if I'd been a serious crafter when we lived there. It was a great flat but it also had only 4 rooms so we eventually left. I still miss that wardrobe though!