Minimal Sweater Madness

I seem to have caught the sweater bug.  Between casting off the big project this weekend and starting prep for the upcoming Stockinette Zombies KAL, I've come down with garment fever.  So what is a girl to do when she is down a few projects but is unable to cast on something new?  Dive into the WIPs pile.

You may remember I cast on the Holla Back Tank back at the beginning of July/ end of June.  I was really into it for the first few rows but then was distracted by something shiny.  I have not made a huge amount of progress in the past few days, but I am a little more than halfway through the waist decreases on the front.  The goal is to finish this as quickly as possible so that the temperature will drop, leaving me unable to wear it until next year.

For more WIPs check out Tami's Amis!


  1. I too am often distracted by shiny things. My daughter characterizes me as a magpie.

  2. While you're finishing up the Holla Knits Ravelry group is doing Holla Back Tank KAL now! if you want any company just mosey on over! A few of us (myself included) are planning on modifying the tank to include sleeves (getting around that whole, pesky, can't wear it in the winter thing)


    1. I may give that a go. I'm a little concerned about joining a KAL because I tend to feel overwhelmed when I do too many and then lose all of my knitting mojo.

  3. I have the same problem with the tank I decided to knit this summer! It's the Make Up Your Mind from Knitty, and I HATE the band right below the bust. It's Hindu Pillar Stitch and is super complicated...and looks terrible with my yarn. I kept trying to find something to replace it with but got frustrated and it's been in time out for about two months. It's next up to be finished so it will be ready just in time for snow!

  4. I have garment fever too! Same dilemna actually... I'm finishing up an old cardigan next before I finally get to start on the beautiful new gansey I desperately want to begin...

  5. You can do it! At least you don't have to bother about sleeves :)
    Lovely yarn