Ravellenics Drop-Out

I am a Ravellenics drop-out.  I admit it.  I am a complete failure as a knitting athlete.  I cannot even blame the stress and craziness of the wedding and honeymoon coming smack dab in the middle of the Olympics (though I could, really), nor can I blame my pattern or the yarn.  Liz Abinante's Citizen Shawl is lovely and the skein of Yarn Pirate I was using is splendid.  There was a little concern initially that it looked too much like camo, but a few more increase rows brought the pops of neon back to the forefront.

Instead of working on my Ravellenics project I essentially worked on nothing.  And then I knit a bit on some socks.

These are the Socks on a Plane pattern from Laura Linneman in Gnome Acres Fingering Sock (I know I'm addicted).  Aside from the fact that I actually knit these on a plane, I got hooked.  Between the color pooling and the cable crossing there was no way I could put these down.  Yesterday at work I finished my first sock (I'd call it a HO, but then you would realize just how many knitting podcasts I subscribe to) and proceeded to spin in my chair long after my lunch break was over holding out my newly-clad foot.

Luckily my coworkers have come to expect such behavior and placate me with comments of "oh, what a pretty color!" and "did you really make those" even though they have watched me knit countless items before (I can't wait to see their reaction to toe-knitting).

As always, head over to Tami's Amis to check out some other, probably less manic, WIPs!


  1. I like the idea of a camo shawl LOL and those socks have such a lovely delicate pattern: no wonder you spun :-)

  2. I think I had almost the same Ravellenic Games experience. For many days my Clapotis for the scarf hockey event took a back seat to sock knitting. Maybe we should give in and devote ourselves to socks?