Yarn Tourist: Part 1

I've held off on writing all about the honeymoon adventure that we went on because I wanted to be sure I did it justice.  Chris surprised me with a wonderful three day holiday in New Hampshire and Massachusetts and took into account my one request -- that I be able to buy yarn.  Thanks to Knitmap we were able to plot every route so that it included stops at a number of yarn shops.

Day one of our holiday (I don't count days spent in airports as holiday) was focused on a day trip to Boston.  We drove from our New Hampshire hotel down to Alewife station and rode the red line in with a car full of Red Sox and Twins fans.  The energy was high and everyone was excited to go into the city.  We debarked at Boston Commons and began our search for the first yarn shop of the trip -- Newbury Yarns.

The idea behind this trip was to just walk the city and see what we could find.  And walk we did.  After a detour through Boston Gardens we found ourselves at the start of Newbury Street.  Newbury Street in itself is an adventure, the people watching was fantastic and some of the shops had the most, dare I say, unusual window displays.

Yes, that's right.  Those are teddy bear heads on the dress forms.  Nothing strange here.

Finally we found it.  Newbury Yarns.  At which point I apologized to Chris for dragging him to a  yarn shop in the garment district where we probably could not afford to buy anything.  But we forged ahead and found ourselves in a yarn shop so nice there were no prices listed on anything.

I browsed a bit through shelves of yarns that were on the posh end of the industry.  The shelving system seemed to be organized centrally by color and radiate out into a weight-based organizational style.  Honestly, I could not make complete sense of it.

I was a little disappointed in the offerings until I turned around and found it.  The small section where all of the verigated yarns were stowed.  Not only was this were wild socks and eye catching cowls were conceived, it was also home to a yarn completely unique to Newbury -- Dips.  This indie yarn is produced in Boston and is only sold through Newbury Yarns.  The tags are all handwritten and none of the skeins completely matched.  Of course, I had to have some.  What better way to remember our trip than through yarn specific to our destination.  Oh what a wonderful world we live in!

After much deliberation over colorways like Banana Foster I finally selected this skein of laceweight.

It is not enough for a garment alone, but I have visions of striping it with a soft grey in some sort of delicate pullover.  Who knows if I will ever actually knit it, I may just leave it be for a time so that I can look at how pretty it is.

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