Yarn Tourist: Part 2

On day two of our post-wedding holiday Chris and I decided to travel around the area of New Hampshire in which we were staying and check out some more yarn shops (honestly, by this point we were in the car so much we looked like those commercials in which the couple only vacations in places they can drive).  We picked two shops that looked promising and off we went.

Our first destination was the town of Derry, home to The Yarn and Fiber Company.  At first glance The Yarn and Fiber Company looks rather modest in its strip mall.  But that is just the outside.  Once you journey inside you can see the real haven that has found its home in Derry.

The shop was so welcoming and so full of fibery goodness I don't know where to begin.  You walk in the door and are immediately standing in front of some gorgeous sock yarn.  There are shelves stretching all the way to the back wall that are full to overflowing, and every wall is covered in something wonderful.  The other half of the shop is dominated by spinning wheels, fiber, some luxury lace weight, and quilting supplies.  The back corner is a treasure hunt of notions, needles, and some of the cutest sheepy t-shirts I've ever seen (I really wish I had bought one).

I did some wandering, stumbled across a table of locals who were knitting together surrounded by the aran weights, and essentially stared wide-eyed at the selection (this was a common theme to the trip).  Eventually I got around to talking to the woman who ran the shop that day.  As I was explaning to her that we were on our honeymoon she got this knowing look in her eye and asked if I was looking for something unique.  I said of course! and she pointed me to two lines, one of which was Mad Color, a yarn produced in Derry itself.

I fell in love and cuddled and squished all the yarns I could until finally bringing Chris a selection to help me choose from.  Of course he knows my yarn taste by now and selected the multicolored sock yarn -- Mad Color Fiber Arts Classica in the Wild Side colorway.

I am absolutely in love with thd riot of color and am planning to knit it up for the Sock the Vote KAL in October (I know the challenges are going on now, but I'm too focused on getting other things done).  The woman who rang me up just laughed and said "I think you picked out the brightest color in the shop".  Really, it is that eye-searing.  Photos just don't do it justice.

We tried to hit up The Spotted Sheep in Goffstown, but they were inexplicably closed for the day.  Sad for me, but probably good for our budget.  Instead we went into Manchester and had lunch at a local place called Baked.  It was no LYS, but the decor was cute, the food was good, and the company was perfect.

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  1. From one great big geek to another, congratulations on your nuptials, and i'm so glad you liked the wild Side yarn! all my best to you and your hubby, Heather/Mad Color Fiber Arts