We're Back!

Hello, my blogging lovelies!  I have missed you so!  The days since my last post have passed in a whirlwind. After all of that secret wedding crafting we finally got married!

And then we went on our honeymoon to Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

And now we are trying to settle into our new apartment.  But I know what you are really curious about is all that secret wedding crafting I did.  Well I'll be honest with you.  When it came time to actually show it off, I did not get that many photos.  And while I cannot show you the items I knit for my bridesmaids, I can show you the items I made for myself -- my shoes and a wedding shawl.

About a month before the wedding Andrea and I got this crazy idea that the girls and I should cover our shoes in comic book images.  About three weeks out we decided it was just crazy enough that we had to do it.  She chose assorted Whedonverse images, my sister used Pokemon, and I pulled out a Buffy Season 8 comic book in which Buffy ends up in the future with Fray in a beautifully colorful dystopian world.

I am so glad that we chose to do this, though my something blue received more attention than anything else in the wedding, including my dress and all the handmade programs and other items we used in the wedding (except maybe our unusual music selections).

At one point I had decided to make my veil and knit a garter, but fortunately I realized that the idea was a little too extreme.  And yet I was still working on my wedding shawl mere days before the wedding.

This is a slightly modified version of Laura Linneman's My Wish shawl knit in Twinkle Sock from Unwind Yarn Company that Dana died up special to match the bridesmaid dresses.  It was perfect for the reception.  I omitted the section between lace charts as well as the color edging so that it would have a more antique feel with the undyed edging.

Now that I am done with all the wedding crafting I can knit on anything I want.  Which means I have serious knitting ADD.  I've worked on two different socks, a shawl, and now I'm furiously knitting on a sweater.  Because 90+ degree heat is the perfect time to play with worsted weight.

What can I say? I'm a puzzle.

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  1. Your vintage look rocks :-) I'm so glad your Big Day went well :-) x