How Many T's to Atlanta?

Once again, Dragon*Con was amazing. We had so much fun.

On Friday we drove down to Atlanta, which is quite the drive from Raleigh, NC.  But we made it!  Of course, once we got there and started changing into costume the zipper on my super cheap, super awesome leather skirt broke.  Andrea and I actually sewed the zipper shut so that I would not have to abandon my Faith Lehane costume.  Fortunately it worked!

Me and my BFF Andrea - our Merlot's girl for the night

We even managed to get through the registration line in a reasonable amount of time and went to the Buffy Horror Picture Show and Doctor Horrible Live.  Epic does not describe how much fun they were.

On Saturday we met Summer Glau.  She is so nice!  She treated us with such consideration and friendliness, even after she had been signing autographs all morning.  The only panels I attended were with the Firefly cast, so we saw Summer several more times.  And she loves Chuck! (the cast of which we cosplayed that day)

Yes, we all know that I should never be blond.

I also met three of my favorite Star Wars authors -- Kevin J. Anderson, A. C. Crispin, and Michael Stackpole, all of whom were nice enough to sign my books.  A. C. Crispin is one of my all-time favorite authors.  Her books are the reason I got into genre sci-fi and her Han Solo trilogy is my favorite set of Star Wars novels.  She has a new novel that will be released next semester.  A prequel novel about Jack Sparrow for Pirates of the Caribbean.  You can bet I will be preordering it.

Who else did I discover on my wandering?  I met Georges Jeanty, who was very nice and signed my Buffy Season 8 issue one.  I'm working on finding a frame for it.  I know it's not currently available for purchase, but I don't want to risk anything happening to it.  We'll see what I come up with.  I also met Ashley Eckstein (the voice of Ahsoka Tano in the Clone Wars) who was at the con promoting her new clothing line Her Universe.  I bought a hoodie from her which I will be reviewing in a later post.  She was also super nice and chatted with me for a while.  She also gave me an autograph for free, and this was before I went back to buy something from her.  

My overall impression of everyone I met was very positive.  Everyone seemed so excited to meet the fans and interact with them.  And all con attendees were having so much fun cosplaying and meeting people whom we look up to.  I loved it!  If you want to hear more about our trip and all the fun we had, you can check out Echo Alert in the next few days.  I took my handheld recorder, which we made quite entertaining use of (or at least we found it entertaining.  We were rather tired).

Oh, and I tried to do some knitting, but I was having so much fun I was not very successful.  I am still working on the initial shoulder increases of my Featherweight, but it was a nice light weight project to cart around with me for standing in extreme lines and keeping my hands busy during panels. 

PS: The Indiana Jones costume was a hit.  People actually stopped me to ask to take a picture!

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