A Wicked Repurposing

Greetings from Western North Carolina!  Where we watch banjo rock bands during football commercials (I'm serious. And they weren't all that bad, either).  I'm HOOOOOME!  Only for about twelve more hours, but it is still so nice.  Chris and I came down last night and are going to the Panther / Bucs game (NFL) tomorrow with my parents.  It's gonna rock!

Today I hung out with my family for most of the day.  Mom and I hit a yard sale, discount groceries, and I got a hair cut (Finally!  I'm really bad about only wanting the woman who cuts my hair here to do anything with it).  And then this evening my sister came up from college and we all had a cookout on the porch (no pictures, sorry, we ate it too fast).

I don't think I mentioned it here, but back in April I sent my Wicked Vest to my sister for her birthday.  It didn't really fit me and she loved it.  Only problem was that the buttons had fallen off before I sent it to her (oops!)  I picked up some at Knit One while I was in Pittsburgh, but she never got around to sewing them on.  So today we decided to fix that.  However, when she tried it on buttoned it still didn't look right.

Then Eva got this genius idea -- sew the fronts of the vest down to the outside so that it stayed open.  Then I put the buttons on as a sort of "design element".

Isn't it pretty?  Eva can make anything look gorgeous, so I credit most of the coolness to her.  But I'm still pretty excited about how it turned out.  I've decided I need to make her model for me more often.  She's so photogenic.

Yes, she tried to steal my hat. Didn't happen.

Mr. Irish Bear is here too. He says hi!

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