Tomorrow I leave for Dragon*Con! We actually won't get to Atlanta until Friday, but tomorrow I'll be driving to Raleigh to meet up with the rest of the gang and then set out for the best weekend of the year. I'm taking three costumes this year. Currently everything is sitting on top of my suitcase because I haven't figured out how to make three pairs of boots fit in my bag. Plus I have to take some school work.

Of course I'm taking knitting (uh, hello, 7 hour drive, lots of time spent in lines). While I was knitting the Blue Marigold Vest I discovered the Featherweight Cardigan. I have three skeins of Cascade Alpaca Lace in this gorgeous dark red colorway that my mom gave to me. She accidentally bought it when she first started knitting but has no desire as of yet to knit lace. So what does a girl who lives at the beach do with over 1000 yards of laceweight do? Knit a cardigan! And yes, I bought it specifically to knit at the con. I have already swatched and done my setup rows. I also picked up a small circular so that I can knit sleeves without worrying about double-pointed needles.

If you haven't been paying attention to the weather, or are fortunate enough to not live on the East Coast, you might not have heard that we're bracing for a hurricane here in North Carolina. It's not supposed to hit until after I leave town, and actually the full force is supposed to go north of us, but I'm still making a few preparations. I have two rubbermaid tubs sitting in my kitchen just in case the windows break or the roof leaks or something. Thanks to the flood last summer, the amount of items I cannot live without has shrunk drastically. In moments of crisis I'm down to one box of a few irreplaceable sentimental items, recording equipment, external hard drive and another box of dvds (my tv box set collection is getting a little too big to replace). The fact that I can compress my life into these two boxes is a little scary, but it makes hurricane precautions a snap. Hopefully these will all be unnecessary preparations, but since I'll be gone for the duration of the storm, I want to be ready.

Now, I must get back to packing. And reading.

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